Meet the Foresight Team

Kieran Murrihy

As the co-founder of Foresight Lane and Crazy Ideas College, Kieran specialises in strategy, innovation, co-design and futures thinking.

Foresight Lane is a boutique enterprise supporting organisations and communities to adapt to change, innovate and prepare for the future. Crazy Ideas College engages young people in programs of activities that enable them to have fun, build their creative capacities and develop ideas for improving community life.

An award-winning futurist, Kieran is able to help people and organisations think creatively about how they respond to changes in their operating environments. With extensive experience working across the health, education, government and community sectors, Kieran appreciates that organisational outcomes can be enhanced by capitalising on existing strengths and identifying where historic practices and models no longer serve people and organisations. Kieran is skilled at helping people spot signals of change and developing compelling visions for the future.

David has extensive experience working in the community sector and across all levels of government. With deep experience in public administration, David has built an applied knowledge of many key program and policy areas, including social services, health, education, homelessness, community sector development, migration support, and community governance.

David has a deep understanding of how government policy interacts with program implementation and how this affects organisations, communities and individuals.  He holds an UNESCO-aligned Historic Urban Landscape Scholarship and is completing a PhD at Federation University Australia.

David McGinness 

Ange Elson

As a new consultant at Foresight Lane, Ange brings over 20 years of experience from the public service where her roles included planning, management, advisory, organisational policy, project management and industry engagement across health, human services, agriculture and education. She most recently led work in the Department of Health and Human Services in building co-design and innovation capability in government and the social services sector.

An engagement and co-design expert with specialist skills in collaboration, planning and governance, Ange is passionate about the voice of citizens and service users in influencing policy and programs. 

She is also an inaugural board member of the not for profit Food is Free Inc.


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