Working with changemakers to shape the future of our cities, organisations and social systems

At Foresight Lane we are passionate about working with changemakers. These are the bold and inspired people and networks, creating the new models and practices that carry us towards more prosperous futures for our communities and organisations.

We know that the ever changing policy and business landscape has the potential to cause disruption and uncertainty for your organisation and the people you serve. We know that you’re trying to balance the need to find a way through the unknown while keeping a steady hand on the day to day fundamentals. When you get to that cross road, you can trust us to work with you to break through with renewed purpose and confidence.

Our specialist expertise is strategy, innovation, co-design and futures thinking. This enables us to combine the conventional and the unconventional – to bring strategic rigour to our processes at the same time as infusing them with creative thinking and inventiveness.

If you have a challenge or opportunity you think we can help with, we’d love to chat.

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